Pastor Melvyn III, Donna, Adrianna,
Melvyn IV "Que", Brianna, & Cianna
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Melvyn & Donna were
high school  
sweethearts from
1987-1991 and were
later joined together
in holy matrimony on
May 14, 1995.
Contact Pastor Hayden at:
717) 461-9802 cell
(301) 937-1411 home
Our Pastor was ordained in June of 2004
at the Oakwood College Church during
the closing ceremonies of the South
Central Conference Camp meeting.
Pastor Hayden III & Family
Our Pastor's Children
Adrianna is 13yrs. old
Melvyn IV "Que" is 11yrs old
Brianna is 8yrs. old
& Cianna is 7yr. old